HOA Pro’s

HOA Roof Professionals

  • Cost-Effective Solutions which can be optimized for the short and long term
  • Roofing Specific RDA (Reserve Data Analysis)
  • Experienced Project Managers
  • Advanced Scheduling for the Entire Project
  • Smooth Project Assurance
  • Large Scale Experience
  • General Contractor through Sister Company ACS
  • Work Journals Provided with a Daily Record of Events
  • Presentations Provided to the HOA in advance as well as throughout the project
  • Full Time On-Site Supervisor, Experienced in Working with Homeowners to ensure harmony
  • Identification and Correction for Design Flaws
  • All Roof Types: Decks (Stairwell entry, Balcony & more), Coatings

*references available upon request

HOA Roof Professionals.  Count on us to give you, the HOA board Members and Your Property Manager, an experience that goes beyond your expectation.  You’ll love every aspect of 


Cost-Effective Solutions which can be optimized for the short and long term.  While we will always work to identify the most cost-effective solution for you, we understand finance and can help you with solutions optimized for a small budget now, a lower long term budget or some combination of both.


Roofing Specific RDA (Reserve Data Analysis).  As roofing experts, no one is better to help you understand the roofing options.  Add our understanding of finances, and we can help you come up with long term strategies for financing your roofs.  This will help ensure you have money in the budget when you need it and avoid those “Special Assessments”, where HOA Boards are put in a situation that requires funds now, and the only alternative may be a special assessment of all of the homeowners to collect the money needed.   


Experienced Project Managers.  We have experienced project management for every job.  From our initial scheduling to our full-time on site project manager / supervisor, we have the know-how to ensure a smooth project from the beginning through to the end.  


Advanced Scheduling for the Entire Project.  Prior to the job, we will work with you to provide you with a Gantt chart and a fully detailed scheduled.  


Smooth Project Assurance.  We Work Closely with Property Managers and HOA Board members to ensure a smooth project.  As with any big project, things come up that require discussion and homeowners will have concerns.  Our on site supervisor and our team will work through all concerns and ensure homeowner confidence throughout.


Large Scale Experience.  Our experience includes an entire portfolio of large communities.  With that experience comes the know-how to handle so many factors that many roofing companies don’t even consider.  A full time, English-speaking supervisor on site is a big factor, and our experienced staff is another.  We know the challenges and how to anticipate them and put steps in place to attend them.  


General Contractor through our sister company, ACS (American Construction Solutions LLC).  Our GC (General Contractor) license improves our response to many issues that come up during any job.  Structural defects and other issues are quickly identified and resolved.


Work Journals Provided with a Daily Record of Events.  In our experience with large projects, it is important to have a daily record of everything that happens throughout the job.  This record is provided to the HOA in an ongoing basis to ensure clear and consistent communication throughout the project.


Presentations Provided to the HOA in advance as well as throughout the project.  Pictures are worth a thousand words, and our presentation will add the details to ensure you understand everything as it is happening.  In addition to you understanding everything throughout the project, this presentation will also provide you with a concise record of what we did for your future reference.  


Full Time On-Site Supervisor.  Full time on site supervision can be the differentiating factor between a great roofing experience and an experience that isn’t so great.  On site supervisors are project managers, responsible for the people, the job, safety and the overall quality of the job.  Our experienced on site supervisors are also skilled liaisons for homeowners, and they know how to keep homeowners happy to ensure harmony throughout the project.  


Identification and Correction for Design Flaws.  It is common to find design flaws when you have the experience, and we will always identify those design flaws that we expect will cause you issues.


All Roof Types: Steep and Low Sloped.  Decks (Stairwell entry, Balcony & more), Coatings, Foam, Metal, Tile, Shingle, TPO, PVC, EPDM and more.