Improperly maintained roofing systems are a leading cause of premature roof failure. Not only can this lead to downtime and inventory damage, but lack of an appropriate roof maintenance program — designed specifically for your new or existing roof — can lead to thousands of dollars in completely unnecessary expenses.

This broken roof truss was a result of heavy ponding on the roof from a clogged drain. Not only was there structural damage from the excessive weight, but there was also severe damage to the interior and the tenants contents.

Had the building owner known that debris from tier landscapers was left on the roof, this could have been avoided.

What A Maintenance Program Can Do for You

  • Detection and repair of minor problems that could lead to major
  • problems, expense and inconvenience.
  • Aids in the prevention of most premature roof failures.
  • Keeps roofs in maintainable condition.
  • Increases life span of roofs.
  • Provides immediate emergency repairs in the event of storm damage, break-ins, etc.
  • Reduces downtime caused by leaks.
  • Reduces inventory damage.
  • Reduces equipment damage.
  • Reduces tenant complaints.

Provides annual or semi-annual reports of roof condition and early warning of most conditions that may affect roof integrity, such as:

  • Air conditioning equipment
  • Duct work
  • Skylights
  • Blisters and Splits
  • Stress Movement
  • Electrical conduit
  • Piping    Mechanical equipment
  • Antennas and guy wires
  • Drainage systems
  • (i.e., clogged drains or downspouts)
  • Cracking of walls, leaks from caulking, etc.
  • Provides, in a timely manner, information for the budgeting of maintenance costs and replacement capital.

Regular inspections can reveal unauthorized tenant improvements, which often are the cause of subsequent roof problems.

Provides information about roof abuse and who or what may
be responsible.

And most importantly, a Red Mountain Roof Maintenance Program saves you money.

Active Management or Crisis Management? What’s your choice?

Don’t neglect the one asset which protects all of your other assets. Your roof is an expensive corporate asset which is often abused, damaged and neglected. The weather bakes it, freezes it and drowns it. Maintenance personnel walk on it and throw things on it. Occupants often drill holes in it and place bolts or screws through it. Minor problems which could have been easily repaired become major problems, which can create the need for a complete roof replacement. Many roof replacements could have been avoided or delayed for years with a Roof Maintenance Program by Red Mountain Roofing.