Tile Roofs

How long does a tile roof last?  A tile roof system lasts about 15 years.

Most believe that a tile roof lasts forever.  While the tile does last a long time,measured in multiple decades, the tile is only part of a tile roof system.  A critical part of the tile roof system is the underlayment, and that lasts about 15 years; hence, a tile roof system will last as long as the underlayment lasts.  The good news is that only the worn out underlayment needs replacement and the tile that is still good can be reinstalled after the underlayment has been replaced.    

How do I know if I’m getting the best quality installment for my tile?  Make sure that your installer is Certified by the Tile Roofing Institute.

The Tile Roofing Institute has established a set of standards for 49 of the 50 states.  Achieving the highest quality in Tile Roof Installations, we at Red Mountain Roofing start with strict adherence to the Tile Roofing Institute‘s standards, and then take that to another level to achieve the highest quality Tile Roof System.  To get the quality you expect, check the certification of your installer.

Why do I need underlayment if I have tile?

The tiles, while being largely waterproof, do not prevent all water from reaching the roof deck.  Without an additional waterproofing layer your roof would have many leaks.  There are many areas on the tile roof where water typically can find its way beneath the tile.  At the ridges, hips, penetrations for your water system venting and gable ends and also sometimes between the tiles themselves.

How many styles of tile are there?

There are two main types of tile.  Concrete and Clay.  There are several profiles available with each type of tile and many colors to suit everyone’s taste.

Is concrete or clay tile better?

The choice is mainly a matter of taste.  Concrete is very durable, is available in 3 main profiles and is more common that clay.  Clay tile tends to be more brittle and is difficult to walk on them without breakage.  There are also fewer choices of colors.  Clay tile has the perception of being more valuable or higher end.

How do you know when the waterproofing or underlayment needs to be replaced?

A roofing expert can evaluate the roof.  The following are some of the things they look for.  Discolored underlayment which indicates the underlayment is drying out, the asphalt based underlayment should be a deep black color.  Splits and tears in the underlayment due to dryness.  The underlayment should be flexible to allow the membrane to expand and contract during the structures heating and cooling cycles.  As the underlayment dries out over time it loses its flexibility and tears or splits where it is attached to the roof deck.  Each tear is a potential leak.